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is offering wide variety of counteraction Services.


New construction:

We offer construction of multi-family houses, costume houses, and attached or detached townhouses and condominiums.

Building Construction

Project management:

Our team of professionals, 

with academic background 

and extensive experience, 

can manage any size project.


Seismic Retrofit:

Our company provides you with the design and build with cost-effective construction prospects.

Tenant Improvement:

We work closely with the owners and property managers to upgrade their property to satisfy and meet their clients’ needs.


By remodeling with our company, you will not just upgrade your property but also increase its value. In addition, we have a dedicated team for bathroom and kitchen remodeling.

Modern House Exterior


Our renovation strategies will rejuvenate your existing property at the lowest cost.


Many names have known as Accessory Dwelling Units granny flats, in-law units, backyard cottages, secondary units, and more. This is because ADUs are an innovative, affordable, and effective option for adding much-needed housing in California.


It is the best way to use all of the useable areas of your property. 

Westech Construction Engineering team has helped many homeowners with this category.

Garage conversion:

Westech Construction Engineering can help you to convert your extra garage into an additional living space.

Framing and carpentry:

Our team of professional framers and carpenters will allow us to help you frame new structures or any structural changes.

Wood Frame of House

Deck, porch, and sunroom:

Our framers and carpenters are always ready to build or repair your deck, porch, and sunroom.

Balcony with View


Our geotechnical engineering background enables our company to provide the best foundation construction and reinforcement.

Retaining wall:

Our Geotechnical engineering background allows us to construct all types of retaining walls.

Concrete works:

We have a team of skilled individuals who allow us to offer all types of Concrete and shotcrete work for your projects in southern California.

Grading and demolition:

Westech Construction Engineering can help you with any grading and demolition, fast and cost-effective.


We will provide any type and size of Asphalt for residential and commercial.  

Road Construction


Our team can help you with any stucco your desire.


Drywall works with any texture and is one of the available services in our group.

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